luni, 8 noiembrie 2010

Trezeste-te domnule M

Trezeste-te domnule M,
Trezeste-te in sfanta zi de toamna,
Aprinde flacara si la lumina-i calda,
Desavarseste azi cuvantul.

Trezeste-te din nou pe drumuri vechi,
Ce-odata sustineau pamantul
In cadrul nostru imperfect
Desavarseste-mi gandul.

Ridica-te din pat ca si din iad
Si sari spre cer,spre raiul ce te-asteapta,
Asemeni unui demon declarat nevinovat.....
Spre Paradis mai ai numai o treapta.

Nu te gandi la tot ce-a fost,
Sunt anii destinati uitarii,
De azi in colo ai un rost,
Mereu sa zbori deasupra marii.

Si marea o sa iti fie mama,
Si tata o sa-ti fie cerul,
Pribeag vei fi prin lumea larga,
Mereu vei cauta misterul.

(Iar mie,lasa-mi binecuvantare
Sa fiu si eu la fel ca tine
Nemuritor si vesnic in zarile straine.
Nemuritor si vesnic ,poate...)

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joi, 4 noiembrie 2010

Welcome to Heartbreak

Look in to my eyes and see the constant sorrow.Believe me when I tell you that I didn't want this end.My soul will die this way and I swear,I will remain the same.I will remain the same guy who acts fake and talks fake.I learn so many things in the past few years.In this time I faced the real life.Now I know that people don't need love.You know why?Because I gived so much and nobody needed.

Maybee I'm in another dimension.

I suffer from heartbreak.
This room is empty and I to sleep.Voices in my head tell me that I shoud brake this chain of pain and run."I'm sorry Marshall,I just can't handle this anymore"
But this is daily basic.So understand when I tell you that I need you,I want to rise again,but not without you.

"And my head keeps spinning
I can't stop having these visions, I gotta get with it

I've seen it, I've seen it before

And I can't stop"


Welcome to heartbreak.