marți, 29 decembrie 2009

Evil spirits coming from within

Oricand il poti gasi prin paduri uitate de lume,prin sate parasite,prin....podul casei tale.Ce sti despre el?Nimic bun.Intr-o lume plina de pacate,totul se transforma intr-o competitie,intr-o intrecere a spiritelor rele ce te urmaresc.Te urmaresc in gand,in vise,si in cele din urma,in realitate.

Always, you can see him lurking in the hallways,
carcasses of Caucasian females in his crawl space,
how the hell did he fit em all in such a small place?
hide em in the wall but how long will the dry wall take,
well fuck it then, I got nothing but time, I’ll wait,
until its dries for the moment i guess your all safe,
after I sand it and buff it I guess that I’ll paint,
my chainsaw’s outta gas my regular saw aint,
now here I come again, damn stomach rumbling,
you can even hear the evil spirits coming from within,
someones in, the back of my damn house rummaging,
its a girl, she looks pretty thin but I want her skin,
been on the hunt again, when will it ever end,
Evelyn why you trying to fight? you will never win,
severing legs, arms, damn there goes another limb,
pull the lever then trap door, death is evident..

Make sure none of that lotion in that bucket don’t spill,
cut em gut em and just keep stuffing those girls,
man I think she had enough of those pills,
sedate her, then I wait her come back later just to clutch on those steel blades,
baby when I cut ya dont squeal
I hate the loud noises I fucking told you!!!
I keep hearin voices like wouldntcha like to go and get your butcher knife
and push it right through her
while you put your shishkebab skewer into her,
barbeque her, or would you do to her what you usually do to a girl who’s skins newer?

8 comentarii:

  1. La multi ani ! Un an nou fericit si plin de bucurii, sanatate si tot ce-ti doresti de la 2010 sa se indeplineasca!

    Succes in continuare cu blogu' !

  2. Un An nou plin de împliniri şi pace sufletească!

  3. multumesc la fel >:D<
    sper ca 2010 va fi mai bun ca 2009 :)

  4. Ti'am zis eu mai mama ca esti talentuos rau:>.
    Lasa gandurile cu drujba ca esti mai malefic decat mine si asta'i de rau:|.

  5. Heeeu multumesc >:d<
    Nu mi-am dat seama ca-ti place asa mult blogul meu.:D
    Take care>:d< siii sa-mi mai faci vizite :)) :D

  6. Avand in vedere ca toata lumea iti ureaza numai de bine, trebuie sa ma conformez si eu :)) nu ca n-as vrea :p

    Asa ca-ti zic si eu un calduros LA MULTI ANI si sper din tot sufletul ca 2010 sa fie de 2010 ori mai bun ca 2009 pentru fiecare dintre noi :) in special tie, sa-ti aduca tot ce-i mai bun si sa ti se implineasca toate dorintele >:D<

    Si, stai linistit, ca ce nu te omoara te face mai puternic :*